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My relationship with Wilson Security goes way back to my days in V8Supercars. It's really an appropriately name in my case, that is, my relationship with Wilson Security! John McMellan and Wilson Security have been and still are my security blanket!

It was John Mac who encouraged and helped me into the Touring Car Masters series and he/they have been incredibly supportive through the many trials and tribulations of my motor racing life.

At the end of my time in V8Supercars was personally a very difficult time for me... after 22 seasons. I was suffering Clinical Depression (didn't know then). John Mac and Jim Walker (Westrac CEO) were both my friends and personal sponsors. They hatched a plan to keep me racing, and I'm still at it today!

When I look back – between now and 2007 – I’m truly blessed. These guys believed in me. I'm still living my dream every day. I'm forever grateful for their belief and support!

My dear friend Dick Johnson was having a very tough time and we'd talk often. You might recall Wilson Security announced going into Clipsal in 2013 that they’d sponsor Dick Johnson Racing as a one off for the Clipsal round. History shows Wilson Security stayed with Dick Johnson Racing for the entire season, despite their one race deal.

Simply, Wilson Security saved DJR from disappearing from the Australian Motorsport landscape forever! How could anyone imagine V8Supercars without DJR, the longest serving race team? The only reason they didn't was Wilson Security saved them!

They went from being the 'White Knight' in 2013 to Naming Rights Sponsor on both DJR cars in 2014. They have two young talented drivers in David Wall and Scott Pye, continuing with Wilson Security policy of helping young drives! I'm the only exception!

Many drivers have benefited/been supported by Wilson Security. I think they're heroes in Australian Motorsport. They even support drivers/team and the V8Supercars with the Wilson Security Sandown 500. Their support goes beyond commercial benefit, as a significant amount of their Government security work goes unbranded. Australian motorsport has been the winner!

During my time at V8Supercar events, when I'm not racing my 'Wilson Security TCM Mustang Sally' I visit the Wilson Security clients and regale them with my war stories, give a little insight on the racing, or take their guests for a hot lap ride in the Wilson Security Volvo ride car.
Wilson Security are the largest and best Security organisation in the southern hemisphere and I'm extremely proud to be a Wilson Security Ambassador.

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