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VBOX AustraliaI met Dave from VBOX Australia through my mates at V8Race. The V8Race team run VBOX in all their cars and they raved about how good the incar camera systems were. After I saw myself driving the V8Race ride car I said 'we have to have this set up in Mustang Sally'. VBOX Australia are proud Australian Distributor of Video VBOX from the UK. Video VBOX is state of  the art in-car video (optimised) for Motorsport and track days, (like on this site - check my Video Gallery). I am not very technically savvy, the VBOX team walked my guys through the procedure - really easy. Weight can be critical - my VBox system is about the weight of my lunch box. We are now building a library on JBR and hve most of our 2011 races. It certainly is a big help from the commercial aspect, allowing us to include Partner branding, maximising exposure for our them. Interestingly, last year we ha an incident with another car and the Driving Standards Officer took verbal accounts from me and the other driver, then I provided the footage and the footage clearly supported my position. So this technology can play a vital role in ensuring driver behaviour is in the best interest of all competitors. We have facilities to track the data downloadeds on JBR and my VBOX videos are a huge hit with Mustang Sally fans. If you don't have one - you need to contact the guys at  VBOX Australia and tell them JB said 'I need to have one of these in my race car!


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