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Sinclair FordThese guys are the best Ford Dealer in the country, of that I am certain. It’s their innovation and customer commitment that really grabs me. My involvement goes back to 2003, the year the mighty FPV range was launched. Dealer Principal John Cooper is a great bloke and my mate, he has been running Sinclair Ford since I raced billy karts. He has assembled a fantastic team including my best mate Hammo who's the FPV Guru, no one is more passionate about the FPV brand than he, he's the best there is, I guarantee that. The customer service he offers is incredible, it’s like having an extended family, these guys are not your normal Ford dealer. When you purchase an FPV from these guys you join the Sinclair Ford FPV Advantage Club and their activities include Drive days, weekends away, track days, go kart challenges and a hep more. I got the best job - their FPV Ambassador, how cool? Sinclair Ford have a dedicated FPV Service Centre, dedicated Ford Master Technician. to support their FPV owners. That's a serious investment/commitement to deliver the best ownership experience. I look forward to welcoming you on our Sinclair Ford FPV Advantage events. I love it!

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