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Rare SparesIf you are restoring a car, who do you think of? I'll bet it's RARE Spares! I would like to think I’ve helped a tiny bit in the belief among car lovers throughout Australia. My involvement with Rare Spares is now in its 7th years, I am still staggered at the depth of their products. Rare Spares provide such a vast array of stuff for our iconic Aussie cars, that quite frankly, most of them would not be on the road today without Rare Spares. The Directors are car lovers, the staff are car lovers, I'm a car lover, what a match, you can’t restore a car without RARE Spares, isn’t that the truth! For many years I've been their guest at Summernats, Rare Spares virtually move one of their branches to Canberra everyJanuary. They are very supportive of the car scene and CEO David Rayner is a very generous man who works tirelessly hard and devotes significant time and energy supporting Charities. I've done legs of the variety Bash with David, its a hoot, losts of ripper people, cars and a quiet sherry (not) at the end of a days drive. David was recently installed as an Australia Day Ambassador as a testiment to his work in the community. I can assure you all he 'The Top Man in His Field'


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