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Meguiar's MotorexBeing a serious car person, I've really enjoyed my time at car events over the years, when I was asked to be the Ambassador for Meguiar’s MotorEx is was a real honour. I know Bruce Morrison and I know the passion he and his staff have for Special cars. Bruce has a couple of very specials cars of his own, so it’s not just lip service. Meguair’s MotorEx will have the very very best event cars in the country, these cars have an incredible provenance, they are created, works of art. I'm really excited about it, make sure you come - and come by and say hello. It's at the Homebush Exhibition Centre on 28th and 29th July. Incidentally, recently I polished my old E Type Jaguar for the first time with Meguiars products. Man, it is so much better than anything else I have ever used, it’s a joke! It’s beautiful to behold, there is no secret why all the pros use Meguiars. We are working on a plan to take sally to MotorEx, she was there in 2009 and was a crowd puller - she's such a show off. Make sure you come by and say hello and have your pic taken with me and Sally. Be sure to bring a polishing cloth and we can give sally the once over!!

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