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Liqui-MolyLiqui-Moly make the world’s best oil and additives, a big statement I’m sure you may well say. As you may know I have a very old E type Jaguar ('62 Series 11), it is a beautiful and I love it. This is a true story, after using Liqui-Moly products, the old darling has taken on a new lease of life. This car is 50 years old, nearly as old as me! She runs smoother, has better oil pressure, idles better, is quieter and uses less fuel. If I hadn't experienced it for myself I wouldn't believed it possible. After two full race season (on Liqui-Moly) I can tell you it's remarkable, to say the very least. We've had the oil analysed (at Westrac's lab) and there was almost no wear on the components. I could have put the bearings back we ran last season (but I didnt). All the ol timers around told me don't run fully synthetic, you need a mineral oil. I'm here to tell you, that might have been the case in the past ....... that's why I ran Liqui-Moly Oil in my Touring Car Masters Mustang. I've seen enough to be absolutely sold on all Liqui-Moly products. I do not endorse anything that don’t work - I'm that confident about Liqui-Moly and Ive used them in one the toughest environment - motor racing really puts every component and product to the sword - I swear by it. LM products are outstanding - you should try them and see for yourself!

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