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John Bowe DrivingFor my entire life I’ve had a love affair with cars, it started at an early age. My dad (Brian) was a racer and so it began. My first race car – dad and I purchased together when I was 16 (the rest of that story is in the record books). Dad and his partner (Doug Sheehan) had a Mazda / BMW franchise in Devonport and I worked there in my early racing years. Then with the full time V8 Supercar gig (it went on forever). It was in the late nineties we recognised the need for drivers to have access to better driving skills and so we did something about it. With my brother Terry and our life long friend David Cuff we established John Bowe Driving. JBD has grown quickly to be one of the leading Driver Training Academy’s in Australia. We provider Driver Training programs for all Ford Performance Vehicle (FPV) customers throughout Australia. It is a huge bonus (for them) and I feel it should be mandatory for all purchasers of high powered cars. FPV gifts this to their clients and they should be commended for taking such a positive initiative to ensure driver education of their owners. At John Bowe Driving we run defensive driving courses (really good for young people), High Performance track programs around the country, and various corporate drive day events. We can tailor anything to suit your purpose. Over the years we had a few driving trainers who have gone on to become race car drivers in their own right, I’m not sure if you have heard of some of these guys – Jamie Whincup, Will Davison, Alex Davison, Lee Holdsworth, Karl Reindler, David Reynolds, Dean Canto, Luke Youlden and Greg Ritter just to name a few. I've had time with all these guys (and given the odd bit of advice). Our instructors have helped our customers understand their cars and hopefully they (our customers) have gone away and put into practise what we taught them.

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