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FusoWhen I was considering our JBR transport needs I had to be sure we were dealing with a manufacturer who not only built great trucks, but more importantly were reliable and understood how to support their customers.  It was a simple choice in the end: Mitsubishi Fuso trucks have been sold and supported in Australia for nearly 40 years, so they've been at it as long as I've been racing.  With that kind of experience you know you can count on Fuso.

Their comprehensive range of truck and bus models covers all three truck market segments: light, medium and heavy duty, as well as the medium to large bus segments. The Fuso Heavy Duty range offers a choice of models to suit most intra-state, metro and regional applications while providing a level of reliability, performance and technology that will please all operators. Whether you're buying one vehicle or many, you can be confident there's a Fuso that's perfect for your needs.

All Fuso products are sold and serviced through a dedicated national network of Fuso Authorised Dealers and Fuso Financial can provide finance and insurance solutions tailored to suit you. Tell 'em JB sent you!


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