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Coates HireCoates Hire are new guys to John Bowe Racing and top notch they are too, we had a ball last year. Their customer relations are fantastic and they are very proactive in the motor sport world. It’s quite a common thread with many JB Partners - they leverage motor sport to provide their customers and staff a fantastic opportunity to be involved. I've hosted quite a few Coates Hire VIP suites @ the V8's round the country and they do a ripper job for their staff and customers alike .......... if I had to pick one event that was a standout, Townsville did it for me it was certainly top of the tree. To see 50 of the Coates Hire crew arrive in white overalls was spectacular. They marched in perfect formation. Next day they arrived in Orange Hawaiian shirts, just Gold. Even the CEO Leigh was in the thick of the fun. The Coates Hire customer base is massive, they are the country’s largest hire operation, they are very interested in the fortunes of Mustang Sally, which is awesome. If you check out my Pit garage on race weekends you will probably find a couple of Coates Hire lads helping me out - such is their talent. If you’re not a Coates Hire customer - you should be, tell 'em JB sent you! Top people.

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