John Bowe Racing
Wilson Security
AstrontechMy good friend Tony Tziolis sponsors John Bowe because we are mates, I am sure of that. We share a mutual love of Lamborghinis, as well as BMW M Sport cars. I met Tony when I drove in my last year of V8Supercars (2007) and we've been mates ever since. Astrontech value adds to their motorsport involvement by using race meetings to integrate with the clients within their business. That’s where I come into it, with many years in the race world, I generally have an opinion about what is going on out there. Astrontech are symbolic of how to make motorsport work in industry with their customers, you don’t have to be in the automotive industry and certainly Tony and his Astrontech do it very well. many clients out our Astrontech race days are ladies, I'm really surprised by their genuine interest in morotsport and their knowledge often amazes me. Maybe you should try motorsport as a vehicle to entertain and reward your clients - it works for Astrontech. Try it!

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