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ApexJoe Calleja is the CEO of Apex, like me is a self confessed car nut. I've know Joe and his delightful wife Liz for a number of years now, they are wonderful people. Joe has a marvelous collection of cars too, from Shelby Mustangs, a Cobra or two and some Italian exotica like Lambo and Ferrari. He also has the very last race car that Peter Brock raced at Goodwood in the UK before his untimely passing. He lets me drive them all to so how lucky am I. Apex have branches in most states and like many, use motorsport and our relationship to involve their customers and staff. I visit their branches and meet their people, they are a very passionate lot who go the extra mile for their customers. I've met a few potential customers recently who after a visit as guests of Apex are now solid customers of Apex - how good is that? Joe and his Apex team are great supporters of JBR. Joe was also a dear friend of Jason Richards, and like me he was devestated at his passing. Jase, Joe and I have spent many days driving his fantastic range of cars. Jase would often say to Joe, 'I was I was born earlier so I could have been around when these were the car of the day. Throught his friendship with Joe, Jase had the opportunity to endulge in his passion and drove many cars in Joe's fantastic collection. If your in the construction, manufacturing business or just need a shed - Apex are your people, take that from me, tell em JB sent you!


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