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To my John Bowe Racing Partners past, present and future - I thank you!

Unquestionably the most important aspect is the one of a personal relationship. I have formed friendships that I will maintain for the rest of my life and I am proud of what we have achieved together. I take a genuine interest in the business of my sponsors and I have worked hard to ensure our relationship is a benefit to all of them.

With some of the best known brands in the country, certainly amongst the most honourable, many of these companies have been with me for a very long time. For that I am forever grateful. In my eyes you need to be a giver in order to receive, and I have always worked hard to ensure that my sponsors see the value in what I provide for them.

Away from the track, I happily work with these great companies in my role of Brand Ambassador. I support their company events/promotions, and help provide their customers and clients with a little inside knowledge at motor racing events throughout Australia.

To my supporters, if you find the need for a premium product or service, I recommend you take the opportunity to use one my personal sponsors, and make sure you tell them JB sent you!

Cheers, JB
My relationship with Wilson Security goes way back to my days in V8Supercars. It's really an appropriately name in my case, that is, my relationship with Wilson Security! John McMellan and Wilson Security have been and still are my security blanket!

It was John Mac who encouraged and helped me into the Touring Car Masters series and he/they have been incredibly supportive through the many trials and tribulations of my motor racing life.

At the end of my time in V8Supercars was personally a very difficult time for me... after 22 seasons. I was suffering Clinical Depression (didn't know then). John Mac and Jim Walker (Westrac CEO) were both my friends and personal sponsors. They hatched a plan to keep me racing, and I'm still at it today!

When I look back – between now and 2007 – I’m truly blessed. These guys believed in me. I'm still living my dream every day. I'm forever grateful for their belief and support!

My dear friend Dick Johnson was having a very tough time and we'd talk often. You might recall Wilson Security announced going into Clipsal in 2013 that they’d sponsor Dick Johnson Racing as a one off for the Clipsal round. History shows Wilson Security stayed with Dick Johnson Racing for the entire season, despite their one race deal.

Simply, Wilson Security saved DJR from disappearing from the Australian Motorsport landscape forever! How could anyone imagine V8Supercars without DJR, the longest serving race team? The only reason they didn't was Wilson Security saved them!

They went from being the 'White Knight' in 2013 to Naming Rights Sponsor on both DJR cars in 2014. They have two young talented drivers in David Wall and Scott Pye, continuing with Wilson Security policy of helping young drives! I'm the only exception!

Many drivers have benefited/been supported by Wilson Security. I think they're heroes in Australian Motorsport. They even support drivers/team and the V8Supercars with the Wilson Security Sandown 500. Their support goes beyond commercial benefit, as a significant amount of their Government security work goes unbranded. Australian motorsport has been the winner!

During my time at V8Supercar events, when I'm not racing my 'Wilson Security TCM Mustang Sally' I visit the Wilson Security clients and regale them with my war stories, give a little insight on the racing, or take their guests for a hot lap ride in the Wilson Security Volvo ride car.
Wilson Security are the largest and best Security organisation in the southern hemisphere and I'm extremely proud to be a Wilson Security Ambassador.
Liqui-MolyLiqui-Moly make the world’s best oil and additives, a big statement I’m sure you may well say. As you may know I have a very old E type Jaguar ('62 Series 11), it is a beautiful and I love it. This is a true story, after using Liqui-Moly products, the old darling has taken on a new lease of life. This car is 50 years old, nearly as old as me! She runs smoother, has better oil pressure, idles better, is quieter and uses less fuel. If I hadn't experienced it for myself I wouldn't believed it possible. After two full race season (on Liqui-Moly) I can tell you it's remarkable, to say the very least. We've had the oil analysed (at Westrac's lab) and there was almost no wear on the components. I could have put the bearings back we ran last season (but I didnt). All the ol timers around told me don't run fully synthetic, you need a mineral oil. I'm here to tell you, that might have been the case in the past ....... that's why I ran Liqui-Moly Oil in my Touring Car Masters Mustang. I've seen enough to be absolutely sold on all Liqui-Moly products. I do not endorse anything that don’t work - I'm that confident about Liqui-Moly and Ive used them in one the toughest environment - motor racing really puts every component and product to the sword - I swear by it. LM products are outstanding - you should try them and see for yourself!
Coates HireCoates Hire are new guys to John Bowe Racing and top notch they are too, we had a ball last year. Their customer relations are fantastic and they are very proactive in the motor sport world. It’s quite a common thread with many JB Partners - they leverage motor sport to provide their customers and staff a fantastic opportunity to be involved. I've hosted quite a few Coates Hire VIP suites @ the V8's round the country and they do a ripper job for their staff and customers alike .......... if I had to pick one event that was a standout, Townsville did it for me it was certainly top of the tree. To see 50 of the Coates Hire crew arrive in white overalls was spectacular. They marched in perfect formation. Next day they arrived in Orange Hawaiian shirts, just Gold. Even the CEO Leigh was in the thick of the fun. The Coates Hire customer base is massive, they are the country’s largest hire operation, they are very interested in the fortunes of Mustang Sally, which is awesome. If you check out my Pit garage on race weekends you will probably find a couple of Coates Hire lads helping me out - such is their talent. If you’re not a Coates Hire customer - you should be, tell 'em JB sent you! Top people.
PayceBrian Boyd of Payce Developments is a lifetime car and racing enthusiast and a very successful businessman. Brian has a collection of very significant race cars and has been very influential in the racing career of David Wall. I've had the pleasure to drive his Monaro and look forward to driving some of his other gems. In terms of the John Bowe Racing world, our Sponsors and Partners are our friends. Brian is a mate and I'm very proud to have Payce as part of our little team. I've had the privilege of taking a look over some of their properties, and they are outstanding. I thank Brian and his team at Payce for their support.
TG MotorsportTG Motorsport is a division of R & T Pumps who've been with us now for a couple of years. TG Motorsport (Mackay) are the North Queensland agents for the new and successful Ricciardo Kart and cater for your Motorsport needs. Tony Warne is a dedicated race goer and a real enthusiast. He's a ripper bloke and one of the funniest fellas I've ever met. Warney travels the country to support JBR and Mustang Sally with his dear (long suffering) wife Barb. It's always great to have Warney and Barb around.
R&T PumpsIt seems to go like this in my world; I met Tony and Barb Warne at one of the very first V8Supercar meetings in Townsville. They love their motorsport and we got along like a house on fire. Of course we talked our favourite subject: motorsport. For a couple of years we'd meet in Townsville and we'd have a hell of a laugh and our friendship grew. I began to see them at some of the bigger races like Sandown, Bathurst and Sydney. So that's how our friendship began.

I invited them to come to watch the 2014 Liqui-Moly Bathurst 12 Hour and stay over and join me at my V8Race ride/drive program on The Mountain following the 12 Hour. Now, I can't tell you exactly what happened during Warnie's ride with me - let's just say we had a little incident at about 240kph going into The Chase. It was at dinner that night when he asked me “Do I try and kill all my sponsors?”  The answer was no, just frighten them enough that they sign the cheque. We laughed some more.

They are the salt of the earth people, typical bush people and operate a very successful business in Mackay. They specialise in all aspects of water management projects including key start applications for the design, supply and installation of pumps, pipe work, filtration and tanks to the mining/industrial, domestic and agricultural sectors of Mackay and the Bowen Basin. They are a dedicated family business and pride themselves on the friendly and personal service they provide to their valued clients.  They have a fully equipped workshop and offer an in field service facility. They supply all major brands and their shop carries a full range of products available for their client to view and access.

I'm planning a few trips to Mackay, so I look forward to catching the local folk when I'm in town. I thank Tony and Barb for their support, as they are awesome people. If you have an opportunity to support them, please do!
V8RaceV8Race –  is the real deal! These guys are the most professional drive/ride experience operators in the country - bar none!, Their slogan is, ‘Real Race Driving’ … it’s absolutely true. Let me warn you though, this caper can be very addictive, guaranteed you will want more! Maybe they should have a warning on the ticket! I deliver my Special JB programs (Octane Dreams and Race Mates) for V8Race at circuits around Australia, I get a real blast from doing them. It is a fantastic opportunity for me to share the ‘adrenalin buzz’ I’ve had for the past 40 years with like minded people,their friends and family. Please visit - there is a huge range of programs available to suit every budget, one thing I can guarantee, and you’ll definitely get your moneys worth. In 2010 we staged our first V8Race Bathurst, to imagine you guys can suit up and have a crack at The Mountain is just remarkable. We've had folks come from all points of Australia, to run The Mountain - Bathurst sells out very fast, keep an eye on the calendar, V8Race Bathurst follows on straight after the Bathurst 12 Hour in February each year. You need to go and book right NOW!! So, to book your V8Race experience you can do so by emailing me at @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go directly to - as long as you go - I'll see you trackside!
ApexJoe Calleja is the CEO of Apex, like me is a self confessed car nut. I've know Joe and his delightful wife Liz for a number of years now, they are wonderful people. Joe has a marvelous collection of cars too, from Shelby Mustangs, a Cobra or two and some Italian exotica like Lambo and Ferrari. He also has the very last race car that Peter Brock raced at Goodwood in the UK before his untimely passing. He lets me drive them all to so how lucky am I. Apex have branches in most states and like many, use motorsport and our relationship to involve their customers and staff. I visit their branches and meet their people, they are a very passionate lot who go the extra mile for their customers. I've met a few potential customers recently who after a visit as guests of Apex are now solid customers of Apex - how good is that? Joe and his Apex team are great supporters of JBR. Joe was also a dear friend of Jason Richards, and like me he was devestated at his passing. Jase, Joe and I have spent many days driving his fantastic range of cars. Jase would often say to Joe, 'I was I was born earlier so I could have been around when these were the car of the day. Throught his friendship with Joe, Jase had the opportunity to endulge in his passion and drove many cars in Joe's fantastic collection. If your in the construction, manufacturing business or just need a shed - Apex are your people, take that from me, tell em JB sent you!
FusoWhen I was considering our JBR transport needs I had to be sure we were dealing with a manufacturer who not only built great trucks, but more importantly were reliable and understood how to support their customers.  It was a simple choice in the end: Mitsubishi Fuso trucks have been sold and supported in Australia for nearly 40 years, so they've been at it as long as I've been racing.  With that kind of experience you know you can count on Fuso.

Their comprehensive range of truck and bus models covers all three truck market segments: light, medium and heavy duty, as well as the medium to large bus segments. The Fuso Heavy Duty range offers a choice of models to suit most intra-state, metro and regional applications while providing a level of reliability, performance and technology that will please all operators. Whether you're buying one vehicle or many, you can be confident there's a Fuso that's perfect for your needs.

All Fuso products are sold and serviced through a dedicated national network of Fuso Authorised Dealers and Fuso Financial can provide finance and insurance solutions tailored to suit you. Tell 'em JB sent you!
DoricDoric make incredibly high quality window fittings, chances are your house has them, but you know what, that’s not why I love them, they are genuine racers and love anything with an engine. The company leverages the involvement in Motorsport incredibly well. not only with me but with the V8 Supercar sponsorship they have in place with Will Davison, in his FPR Ford. Will aslo has a role with Doric and we jointly with with Doric on many customer days. Doric also provide support for Team Honda and leverage the relationship once again for their customers. I've met their customers from Adelaide/Perth to Townsville and they love the involvement Doric have it Motorsport nad they do it very well. Tomis their Marketing Manager and I'm trying to give him cooking lessons, I cook fantastic Italian Pasta (sorry to his mum and dad), Doric are a family business and I'm made to feel part of their family. he Tom we might be related soon! Nigel and Perry Long are my friends first and foremost but they are very savvy when it comes to motorsport sponsorship. If you are in the window world, don’t buy if it’s not Doric!
Rare SparesIf you are restoring a car, who do you think of? I'll bet it's RARE Spares! I would like to think I’ve helped a tiny bit in the belief among car lovers throughout Australia. My involvement with Rare Spares is now in its 7th years, I am still staggered at the depth of their products. Rare Spares provide such a vast array of stuff for our iconic Aussie cars, that quite frankly, most of them would not be on the road today without Rare Spares. The Directors are car lovers, the staff are car lovers, I'm a car lover, what a match, you can’t restore a car without RARE Spares, isn’t that the truth! For many years I've been their guest at Summernats, Rare Spares virtually move one of their branches to Canberra everyJanuary. They are very supportive of the car scene and CEO David Rayner is a very generous man who works tirelessly hard and devotes significant time and energy supporting Charities. I've done legs of the variety Bash with David, its a hoot, losts of ripper people, cars and a quiet sherry (not) at the end of a days drive. David was recently installed as an Australia Day Ambassador as a testiment to his work in the community. I can assure you all he 'The Top Man in His Field'
Penrith Air SupplyIn the home Air Conditioning world there's no better operator than Penrith Air Supply. Their business is on a grand scale but if you dig a bit deeper there's a real car enthusiast in Joe Bennett. Joe has a couple of passions, his family first, his beloved Penrith Panthers and his over great love is cars. Joe's a real Mustang lover. In his garage is a pair of Mustangs - one is a fearful Shelby Super Snake. What an awesome machine, I drove it on a weekend we had away, if you love Mustangs/performance you'll understand. The common theme among our Partners is they love cars and Motorsport.
Unique CarsMy relationship with Unique Cars Magazine is unquestionable one of my most fitting, as I'm a car guy!

I spent my early years – interestingly working as a car salesman – in the family business Bowe - Sheehan Motors. We were Mazda and BMW Dealers. I raced for Dick Johnson and spent my spare time selling cars. My entire world has always been cars. My dad Brian was a racer, so I guess I got the 'Car Gene' bad. I've owned literately hundreds of cars - some were good, others not so good. I have a love and understanding of cars. It's my whole world.

Unique Cars Magazine is Australia's biggest selling car magazine in an industry that is in decline. Unique Cars has remained strong! I believe the answer is simple: they're focused on people’s interests. As the name says, Unique Cars. I think in simple terms they are connected to their readers, they understand what their readers want.

My section in the mag is titled 'JB's Past Blasts', and is sponsored by my dear friends Liqui-Moly. It's quite fitting really, given I have a couple of Unique Cars myself and run Liqui-Moly products in them. So it's a great partnership. It's like a boyhood dream really. I select the cars I'm interested in, we find them, I drive them and write about my experience. I've met some fantastic people and had their prize possessions entrusted to me. There is always an element of danger attached to the role. I drove a Ferrari for a Part Blasts article a couple of years ago, which Maranello Motorsport were selling.  And yep, it's at home in the garage. I love it so much it sits beside my E Type Jag.

Unique Cars has something for everyone. Make sure you pick up your copy! It's a great read.
AstrontechMy good friend Tony Tziolis sponsors John Bowe because we are mates, I am sure of that. We share a mutual love of Lamborghinis, as well as BMW M Sport cars. I met Tony when I drove in my last year of V8Supercars (2007) and we've been mates ever since. Astrontech value adds to their motorsport involvement by using race meetings to integrate with the clients within their business. That’s where I come into it, with many years in the race world, I generally have an opinion about what is going on out there. Astrontech are symbolic of how to make motorsport work in industry with their customers, you don’t have to be in the automotive industry and certainly Tony and his Astrontech do it very well. many clients out our Astrontech race days are ladies, I'm really surprised by their genuine interest in morotsport and their knowledge often amazes me. Maybe you should try motorsport as a vehicle to entertain and reward your clients - it works for Astrontech. Try it!
Sinclair FordThese guys are the best Ford Dealer in the country, of that I am certain. It’s their innovation and customer commitment that really grabs me. My involvement goes back to 2003, the year the mighty FPV range was launched. Dealer Principal John Cooper is a great bloke and my mate, he has been running Sinclair Ford since I raced billy karts. He has assembled a fantastic team including my best mate Hammo who's the FPV Guru, no one is more passionate about the FPV brand than he, he's the best there is, I guarantee that. The customer service he offers is incredible, it’s like having an extended family, these guys are not your normal Ford dealer. When you purchase an FPV from these guys you join the Sinclair Ford FPV Advantage Club and their activities include Drive days, weekends away, track days, go kart challenges and a hep more. I got the best job - their FPV Ambassador, how cool? Sinclair Ford have a dedicated FPV Service Centre, dedicated Ford Master Technician. to support their FPV owners. That's a serious investment/commitement to deliver the best ownership experience. I look forward to welcoming you on our Sinclair Ford FPV Advantage events. I love it!
Meguiar's MotorexBeing a serious car person, I've really enjoyed my time at car events over the years, when I was asked to be the Ambassador for Meguiar’s MotorEx is was a real honour. I know Bruce Morrison and I know the passion he and his staff have for Special cars. Bruce has a couple of very specials cars of his own, so it’s not just lip service. Meguair’s MotorEx will have the very very best event cars in the country, these cars have an incredible provenance, they are created, works of art. I'm really excited about it, make sure you come - and come by and say hello. It's at the Homebush Exhibition Centre on 28th and 29th July. Incidentally, recently I polished my old E Type Jaguar for the first time with Meguiars products. Man, it is so much better than anything else I have ever used, it’s a joke! It’s beautiful to behold, there is no secret why all the pros use Meguiars. We are working on a plan to take sally to MotorEx, she was there in 2009 and was a crowd puller - she's such a show off. Make sure you come by and say hello and have your pic taken with me and Sally. Be sure to bring a polishing cloth and we can give sally the once over!!
John Bowe DrivingFor my entire life I’ve had a love affair with cars, it started at an early age. My dad (Brian) was a racer and so it began. My first race car – dad and I purchased together when I was 16 (the rest of that story is in the record books). Dad and his partner (Doug Sheehan) had a Mazda / BMW franchise in Devonport and I worked there in my early racing years. Then with the full time V8 Supercar gig (it went on forever). It was in the late nineties we recognised the need for drivers to have access to better driving skills and so we did something about it. With my brother Terry and our life long friend David Cuff we established John Bowe Driving. JBD has grown quickly to be one of the leading Driver Training Academy’s in Australia. We provider Driver Training programs for all Ford Performance Vehicle (FPV) customers throughout Australia. It is a huge bonus (for them) and I feel it should be mandatory for all purchasers of high powered cars. FPV gifts this to their clients and they should be commended for taking such a positive initiative to ensure driver education of their owners. At John Bowe Driving we run defensive driving courses (really good for young people), High Performance track programs around the country, and various corporate drive day events. We can tailor anything to suit your purpose. Over the years we had a few driving trainers who have gone on to become race car drivers in their own right, I’m not sure if you have heard of some of these guys – Jamie Whincup, Will Davison, Alex Davison, Lee Holdsworth, Karl Reindler, David Reynolds, Dean Canto, Luke Youlden and Greg Ritter just to name a few. I've had time with all these guys (and given the odd bit of advice). Our instructors have helped our customers understand their cars and hopefully they (our customers) have gone away and put into practise what we taught them.
VBOX AustraliaI met Dave from VBOX Australia through my mates at V8Race. The V8Race team run VBOX in all their cars and they raved about how good the incar camera systems were. After I saw myself driving the V8Race ride car I said 'we have to have this set up in Mustang Sally'. VBOX Australia are proud Australian Distributor of Video VBOX from the UK. Video VBOX is state of  the art in-car video (optimised) for Motorsport and track days, (like on this site - check my Video Gallery). I am not very technically savvy, the VBOX team walked my guys through the procedure - really easy. Weight can be critical - my VBox system is about the weight of my lunch box. We are now building a library on JBR and hve most of our 2011 races. It certainly is a big help from the commercial aspect, allowing us to include Partner branding, maximising exposure for our them. Interestingly, last year we ha an incident with another car and the Driving Standards Officer took verbal accounts from me and the other driver, then I provided the footage and the footage clearly supported my position. So this technology can play a vital role in ensuring driver behaviour is in the best interest of all competitors. We have facilities to track the data downloadeds on JBR and my VBOX videos are a huge hit with Mustang Sally fans. If you don't have one - you need to contact the guys at  VBOX Australia and tell them JB said 'I need to have one of these in my race car!
Penske Racing ShocksPenske Racing Shocks are of course world renowned, my involvement goes back a long way. Australian agent Bill McKenna from North Terrace Tyres in Adelaide helped us when V8 Supercars first stared all those years ago in 1993. Our relationship has continued through my time at DJR, CAT Racing, and Brad Jones Racing. When I wanted shocks for my TCM Mustang I asked Bill, his team here, and in America came up with a damper that is incredibly clever. Our rules are very restrictive and his Penske product has added grip to a car that struggles for grip. Last year @ Clipsal we hada serious issue with axle hop when I braked. A call to Bill, he came took the shocks away, returned in the morning and Sally was a different car. They really nkow their stuff, my type of guy! They are very innovative. If you need dampers for any racing or Targa application, I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Tell him I sent you
Sydney Allen PrintersThere is quite a pattern emerging amongst the folk we have supporting John Bowe Racing. My world is all about relationships. Motorsport attracts some of the best characters you'll ever meet and only occasionally some of the worst!

The Sydney Allen Printers story is a good one. I met Ian Kingham many years ago when he purchased an F6 from my mate Hammo at Sinclair Ford. Ian came to a track day conducted by Hammo for his FPV customers. During the course of the day I ride with all of his customers, as I did with Ian. He was a natural. I told him so and suggested he consider racing... sorry mate! Fast forward to today, and he has purchased a Production Car class race car and competes in the State Series.

So I help Ian with a little advise, and Sydney Allen take care of the wonderful JBR Mustang Sally posters you might have seen. It doesn't matter how little time/warning we give him, he delivers our posters to where we need them in record time. Occasionally I've thought they won't make it in time, but I’ve always been wrong.

If you are considering any print work contact my mate Ian Kingham. He's the sales Director and he knows how to get it done!
ssMEDIAScott Yorston of ssMEDIA is a new mate and I am thrilled to have the support of the company. In the motorsport world where people promise you the world and give you an atlas, ssMEDIA has delivered! With a willingness to go the extra mile and ensure a follow through, I strongly recommend everyone to engage their services. Scott and ssMEDIA have helped me so much in such a short time, I am very grateful. Chief Graphic Artist, Scott, has an artistic ability that can transform a silhouette into an impressive racing machine or give a lifeless object an eye catching and unforgettable appeal. With an understanding of sports passion and a sustained commitment to bringing design to life. ssMEDIA maintain the drive for quality and memorable results in each and every piece of work. My John Bowe Collection is a fine example of this committment! Today, ssMEDIA is experiencing substantial growth, introducing media communication services through website design, public relations, marketing and sponsorship support, so now's the time to secure your place in the future, where you’re guaranteed to be noticed!

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